Superb Musicals, Songs & Assemblies for Primary Schools

Leavers’ and End-Of-Year Musicals

Our KS2 leavers’ assemblies and Year 6 plays and musicals celebrate those characters and events which make primary school so special. These emotional and laughter-packed end-of-year productions continue to bring the house down in thousands of schools throughout the UK.

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A little bit about our leavers’ musicals and assemblies.

Many teachers struggle to find ideas for suitable leavers’ assemblies or Year 6 / P7 musical productions that truly mark the milestone of leaving primary school. We believe that for the children who perform in a leavers’ assembly, play or musical, or indeed any end-of-year KS2 production, for the teachers who produce and direct them, and for the audience of parents and grandparents who watch them, the songs and scripts should be witty and uplifting, and should celebrate the people and events that have been part of the journey and experience of primary school. It is a once-in-a lifetime chance to say ‘goodbye’ and reflect on a unique time in our lives.

Our leavers’ musicals capture that journey and experience perfectly, with funny yet sensitive storylines, sketches and songs about the people and situations we all remember from our own school days. And they have obviously struck a chord, with over 25,000 performances to date and endless feedback telling us such things as: ‘The best leavers’ assembly ever!’, ‘Our Yr6 assembly brought the house down!’, ‘We couldn’t have wished for more from our leavers’ play’, ‘How will we ever top this end-of-year musical?’ We are confident that our production packs will provide you with all the material you need to put on a stunning Yr 6 leavers’ play or end-of-year KS2 musical that will bring the house down!