Superb Musicals, Songs & Assemblies for Primary Schools

Performance licences

Under the Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act (1988), it is a legal requirement for schools to comply with copyright law, and ensure they hold the correct licences for performing musicals. As experienced teachers ourselves, we understand that time restraints and lack of advice can sometimes mean this aspect of your production is not dealt with, or that the details and requirements are not fully understood. We therefore try to make the process of licensing your performances as simple as possible.

General Guidelines

You are free to use any of our material for all classroom teaching purposes and for performances within school to only pupils and staff. However, if our musicals are to be performed to an audience other than pupils and staff from your school (eg. parents or other people from the wider community) then a performance licence must be obtained directly from Edgy Productions.
Please note, licences issued by local authorities, CCLI, MCPS, PRS or similar organisations DO NOT allow you to perform our productions in public.

Recording and Duplication Licences

To record performances of any of our productions, to make duplicate copies of the recording, to sell or give away copies, to stream live performances or to upload recordings to social media platforms eg. Facebook and YouTube, you will require a separate licence from Edgy productions.

Employing a video company

If you are using the services of a video company to record your performances, please check you are complying with copyright law.