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Beginning in 2001, this dream was to give children and teachers the energy and inspiration to entertain their parents, colleagues and schoolmates with uplifting and hilarious, yet sensitive and perceptive musical productions. These musicals would celebrate the one thing of which everyone shared a common experience… school!

This has obviously struck a chord, as we have gone on to sell these musicals to over 16,000 primary schools, making us the No 1. publisher of end-of-year productions and primary school leavers’ productions. We quickly widened our portfolio to include musicals for all-year-round and Christmas, and these have sold with equal success.

Our dedication to putting the fun back into the experience of producing, performing in and watching musical productions has been rewarded by overwhelming feedback from teachers, parents and children. ‘Refreshing’, ‘witty’, ‘modern’, ‘cool’, ‘wicked’, ‘hilarious’, ‘timeless’, and ‘genius’ are genuine descriptions taken from the hundreds of letters and emails we continue to receive from teachers, children and parents.

We are confident we have a catalogue of titles that will cater for any production requirements you have. From rehearsals to curtain-up you’ll find the whole experience a lot of fun, and your audience and children will love it!

So why not try an Edgy musical for yourself, and see just what the fuss is all about!