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I’m An 11-Yr-Old…GET ME OUT OF HERE!

By Andrew Oxspring, Nick Haworth, Mark & Lisa Hilton
End-of-year/Leavers’ musical for KS2 (ages 7-11)

Running time: approx. 60 mins 

No. of speaking parts: 52

Cast size inc. non-speaking parts: 70

Cast size easily reduced to: 22

Cast size easily increased to: 100+ 

With trials, challenges and retrospective snapshots of the wild and weird things experienced by 11-year-olds, their teachers and their parents, this musical is the perfect way to end the year. It’s guaranteed to get messy as our ‘campmates’ endure all the ‘I’m A Celeb…’ favourites (the dunny, bushtucker trials, critters, letters from home etc) but with a twist, as we discover what a real jungle primary school can be!
Caution – this musical may (in fact it does) contain a little bit of toilet humour!
*FREE Word doc. of the script to edit yourself*

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Plot Summary

Veteran presenters, Grant and Bex, inform the audience that, due to ‘budget constraints’, this year’s ‘I’m A Celebrity…’ will be filmed a little closer to home and will not feature the usual cast of famous B-listers! Renamed ‘I’m An 11-Yr-Old…GET ME OUT OF HERE!’, the show comes live from your school, starring your children (and a few unwitting grown-ups!) whose collective experiences go to prove just what a jungle primary school can be!
Song – Welcome To Our Jungle

By winning stars in a series of challenging school-themed trials, and by re-living some ‘highlights’ from their time together, our 11-year-olds hope that by the end of the show they’ll be granted their rite of passage to ‘big school’. However, it promises to be far from easy!

In the show’s first segment, we take a look back at what daily life in ‘camp’ has been like, paying particular attention to the comings and goings around the dunny! Who knew just what a hub of social activity the school loos could be? With so much going on, it seems that bouncers have been employed to keep things under control! Song – It’s All Happenin’ In The Dunny

Next up is the first of the live trials to be taken on by our campmates…and it’s an eating trial! Facing ‘School Dinner Surprise’, the chosen ones are presented with a banquet of memorable dishes from the 1970s, under the watchful eye of old-school dinner lady, Audrey Allsop. Will liver, onions, spotted-dick and lumpy custard be a mouthful-too-far for children brought up on pizza? Well, it’ll be fun finding out! Song – Lumpy Custard

In spite of constant interruptions by the headteacher, Hannah Harrington, who is desperate to be on the telly, the show continues with a second fly-on-the-wall look at daily life, this time focusing on the critters that can be found lurking around camp. The habits of one particular species, the Infant, are watched by famous naturalist, David Hat’n’umbrella, as he lifts the lid on some wildly bizarre behaviour! Song – Little’Uns

The second live trial really tests the brain-power of another group of campmates…or rather their significant adults! With a bit of willing (we hope) audience participation, can the picked-on family members earn stars for their kids in the devilishly-difficult literacy challenge, ‘There, Their, They’re’? Well, if they fail then the consequences will be rather…how can we put it? Messy! Song – Rules And Regulations

We’re straight into our third live trial – the most horrific challenge imaginable! Entitled ‘Cringe’, the chosen campmates must simply endure a minute in their parents’ company, in a public situation, without uttering the phrase ‘You are so embarrassing!’ If they can withstand being kissed at the school gates, being cheered-on and waved-at enthusiastically during a race on sports day, or being told that ‘music in the 90s was better than the rubbish they listen to nowadays’, then stars will be won and they’ll get closer to their release from camp.
Song – Cringe

‘Letters From Home’, a regular feature of the show, brings camp life to a fitting end…well, sort of. Rather than outpourings of emotion, these letters are a collection of the worst excuses imaginable for late arrival to class, unfinished homework and other misdemeanours. There is definitely a whiff of suspicion that they weren’t written and sent in by parents!
Song – A Letter From Home

So, with experiences endured and challenges overcome, have our campmates done enough to secure their release? Are they sufficiently prepared for the rigours of big school? You bet they are, and with a show-stopping finale the whole cast and audience come together in celebration of the wonderful time spent together at primary school!
Song – Get Me Out Of Here

Sample Songs

Listen below to the songs from ‘I’m An 11-Yr-Old’


52 speaking parts 
(This number can be easily increased or reduced to suit your cast size – suggestions included.) 

Grant & Bex – the show’s presenters
Millie & Mandy – makeup artists with a mountain to climb
Director – keeping things running smoothly
Bev & Nigel – bouncers at the dunny door
4 Boys & 5 Girls – in the dunny queue
Headteacher – trying to grab some limelight
Audrey Allsop – 1970s dinner lady, leading the ‘School Dinner Surprise’ trial
6 Contestants – taking on the trial
David Hat’n’umbrella – famous naturalist
Teacher – on playground duty
2 Infant Girls – stalking the playground for prey
2 Infant Boys – competitive alpha males
2 Teachers – presenting the ‘There, Their, They’re’ trial
4 Contestants – taking on the trial
2 Parents – presenting the ‘Cringe’ trial
4 Contestants – taking on the trial
4 Embarrassing Parents – they are the trial
6 Letter-Writers – with the best excuses for lateness and unfinished homework

Non-speaking characters

Stage Crew members – 4 or 5 in number
A Waiter/Waitress – lifting the cloche on some tasty treats
(and if numbers allow, to feature in specific songs…)
More Infants
More Teachers
More Embarrassing Parents

What do you get?

This musical production is available to buy in 2 different formats.

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    A wire-bound book with:
    ✔ Full script
    ✔ Detailed stage directions
    ✔ Character information
    ✔ Tips for costumes, props and scenery
    ✔ Piano score for all songs
    ✔ Licensing information

    An Audio CD with:
    ✔ Vocal demo tracks to all songs
    ✔ Backing tracks to all songs
    ✔ Continuity/incidental music
    ✔ Sound effects

  • Option 2 – Digital Download
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  • Both PDF and editable MS Word documents of:
    ✔ Full script
    ✔ Detailed stage directions
    ✔ Character information
    ✔ Tips for costumes, props and scenery
    ✔ Piano score for all songs
    ✔ Licensing information

    MP3 files of:
    ✔ Vocal demo tracks to all songs
    ✔ Backing tracks to all songs
    ✔ Continuity/incidental music
    ✔ Sound effects

    Extras included::
    ✔ JPEG files of cover artwork for making posters or other promo material.

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