Superb Musicals, Songs & Assemblies for Primary Schools

Dear Friends,

Don’t panic if you’ve still not decided on your leavers’ production. We’ve seen shows put together, with huge success, in as little as a week!

Our unique leavers’ musicals are written in a way which allows you to choose as many (or as few) songs and scenes/sketches as you can comfortably rehearse and perform in the time you have left, with large or small casts, and which give parents and children a joyful and memorable experience. These 3 particular titles, ‘Goodbye My Friend‘, ‘Prexit’ and ‘The Next Big Step‘ are written specifically about the characters and events we encounter during our primary school journey, are the perfect way to end the year and wave goodbye to your yr6/p7 classes. They’re easy to stage and costume, as each scene/sketch is set in a school environment and the songs are all catchy ear-worms which your children will pick up in no time!

oh, and Mr P (y’know, him off Facebook and Instagram!) loves them too!

Wishing you all an enjoyable last few weeks of term!

The Edgy team