Superb Musicals, Songs & Assemblies for Primary Schools

Youth Theatre/Drama Groups

Perfect for the 9-13 age group, though easily accessible by those younger and slightly older, we have identified and adapted a selection of our most popular musicals (see below) which are great fun to produce, perform and watch! Easily scaleable to larger and smaller casts, these comprehensive production bundles include:

  •  editable scripts with comprehensive stage directions
  • costume, props and staging tips
  • fully-orchestrated demo vocal and performance backing tracks
  • continuity music and sound effects
  • digital backdrops for all scenes
  • cover artwork for the production of posters and promotional material
  • piano/vocal scores to all songs
  • licences to perform, record, stream and upload to social media

For just £99, it’s all taken care of, leaving you to do what you do best… put on a great show and be FAB-U-LOUS!

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