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A chance to shine!

David Morley from Long Meadow Primary school in Milton Keynes talks about giving children the chance to shine…

Despite everyone’s best intentions to never let it happen again, the end of year ‘Leaver’s Production’ always gets left to the last minute. Everything just seems to get in the way… sports days (which inevitably get cancelled and rearranged so another day is lost), transition days at secondary schools, residential visits etc. It leaves so little time to prepare, rehearse, source costumes and learn lines. And every year we turn to Edgy Productions to bail us out!

With time pressure so great, teachers need to be able to grab ready-made, off the shelf material, that they know they can trust. Last year our Year Six children performed ‘Let Loose’ and without a doubt, it was one of the best performances that the school has ever produced. There were plenty of great parts to be shared out among the children, with none of the main parts too huge. It provided all of our children with the chance to shine.

The level of humour in the Edgy shows is always terrific. Some of the gags make the children roar with laughter, whilst others leave the children silent and the adults rolling in the aisles. Certainly, ‘Let Loose’ was no exception to this. The misfortune, disaster, farce and resolution provided a perfect platform for the children to excel. Our parents loved the show too. It marks the final culmination, the end of an era, which has seen the transition of them tearfully dropping off a shy four-year-old on their first day at school to watching the confident, bubbly eleven-year-old that they see on the stage before them.

Performing ‘Let Loose’ brought our staff, pupils and parents together on those last few special days in primary school, allowing them to graduate to secondary school with even more special memories of their time together.