Below is just a tiny selection of the overwhelming feedback we have received to date from children, teachers and parents, in the UK and around the world.

Leavers and End-Of-Year Reviews

Both adults and children found the whole production fantastic, brilliant. We could have filled the school hall many times. The feedback from the parents was very, very positive. The children really enjoyed the content and the adults could relate to the incidents mentioned.

Dorothy Black, Perth and Kinross

A fantastic production - it is one of the first I have used from your company but it certainly won't be the last. Everyone really enjoyed it, especially as you could adapt the script so easily to accommodate your school and the characters in it. I only had 15 year 6s - so they doubled up the parts and with 18 year 5 to help sing the songs - it was a very memorable afternoon for all. Most of the parents were in tears and the year 5 are already begging me to find a leaver's production as good as last year. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Miss Claire Bloomfield, Lancashire

Just a quick e-mail to say how well received your ‘Let Loose’ script was. We received lots of praise for the jokes and songs so thank you. As teachers, it was easy to add parts in by using the word format you provided and the extra discs were very useful when practising the songs in class.

Belinda Brown, Richard Bonington Primary

I like the song Forever Your Friend its really sweet. Were doing this play at my school so thank you for making this my chance to shine!!:D

Lewis Fulton, Elderbank primary school and supported learning

The audience laughed throughout at the very funny scenes and script, the wonderful songs and music provided a great backing for our dances and the last song was very emotional and moving. Altogether a wonderful show - we received a standing ovation!

Joy Burrows, Dep. Headteacher, Gledhow Primary School

I felt compelled to write and thank you for your excellent musical. The audience were ecstatic! Several members of staff were moved to tears, and at the end, the head teacher, who was crying with laughter, told parents that it was a 'scarily accurate portrayal of life in a primary school!' More important than that, the children enjoyed themselves. The characters were real, lively and easy to relate to, and the songs excellent! They brought the house down!

Alison Currah

Just to say a huge thank you for producing such a wonderful script. Today's Leavers Assembly went really well, people were laughing, crying and even both together. We have set ourselves a very high standard, so I do hope you will be writing more for leavers. It is just what we want. Thanks again, it was fantastic.

Pam Fox, Stockport

I have just left year 11 now and I still remember every word! I was one of the interview people. It is one performance I will always remember and and can definitely say it gets me in tears every time!

Daisy, St. Peter's C or E

I am commenting on this now. In 2014. I remember singing this in 2010 When I was in Year 6 those were the good days. Brilliant stuff Edgy

Daniel Morris, Guernsey, Les Beaucamps Hight School

We have just performed 'Do you remember the first time?' at my school. I am currently just finishing my nqt year and the school I have joined have never done an end of year show and I was determined that I would change this. Last night was our final show and it was amazing!!! The parents were blown away and there wasn't a single dry eye in the room thanks to the wonderful moving last song. I would strongly reccomend this play it was funny and perfect for year 6's who are moving on with plenty of parts for everyone! Thank you so much for bringing my class and school so much joy and for the great pack I recieved that made my life so much easier!!

Kirsty Rodger, Northamptonshire

Fab-u-lous! I searched and searched for a production to do with only 14 Year 6 children. How lucky I was to find this. We choose 6 songs/scenes, doubled up on parts and had an absolute ball. Our Head was so impressed she put on an extra performance! Only issue is that I can't stop singing 'Football Mums and Dads!' Highly recommended

Sara Hewitt, St Mark's Primary, Scarisbrick

I've just watched my daughter in this production, it was brilliant! It's so well written and so appropriate for Y6 leavers. The humour is great as it hits the mark on all levels. The children really enjoyed it and a few tears shed by the parents. Thank you

Carole Overton, Abbey Lane Primary, Sheffield

Great play!!! I bet my mum will start crying on the last song, lovely songs, ``Boys and Girls`` is perfect for a dance, and ``football mums and dads`` is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone will enjoy the play im certain...

Ellie Simpson and Tom Finch, South Wonston Primary School

I think it is a really good as a yr 6 production because it is about moving on to a new school an gives children a head start an ready for September

Chelsea, Harcourt Primary School

I saw my daughter in this production last night and thought it was just fabulous! The songs were fantastic and the script was hilarious! The whole year group thoroughly enjoyed their performance which made it a pleasure to watch! There wasn't a dry eye in the hall at the end, especially as there was an encore of Shine! What a way to leave Primary school, well done teachers and pupils and well done Edgy Productions for an excellent product!

P Glover, Parent, Midlands

I have such praise for your wonderful music scores as well as your humorous scripts. THANKS A MILLION for using your talents to bless others around the world.

Janine, Umhalanga College, South Africa

I felt I must write and tell you how successful one of your productions was this week. My year 6 children performed School Daze for the school and parents on Thursday. Everyone thought it was fantastic and a lot of that was down to your music and script ideas. I thank you very much for a brilliant piece of work.

Janette Bilson, Surrey

We are very excited to be rehearsing your musical and will be recommending your great products and support to other schools in Australia.

Kate Walters, Australia

My daughter left Primary School in July and I would just like to say I cried my heart out, as did many others. Brilliant play and excellent songs. Thank you.

Rachel Mayhew, a very emotional parent

I performed the older version of this Musical back in 2008 when I left Primary School. Now in my AS year at College, this brings back so many memories. I will definitely make my year 6 students perform this when I'm a Teacher!!! Great Musical!!!

Jon K, West Midlands

Over the years I bought many of your productions and every one of them was a huge hit. For our final school show we performed ``School Daze``. As well as a play for the children, it was a fabulous way to recall my teaching career of 38 years. We loved the songs, the script and performing. The audience of parents, family and friends were captivated for the whole hour.. So, thank you Edgy team for writing such witty, clever shows. They were all a joy to learn and then perform. The children covered every area of the Scottish curriculum without even realising all the skills they were learning! However, more than that the music lifted our spirits. The scripts were memorised within days and practising was tremendous fun. Your support material is excellent and enabled a non drama teacher to give children the confidence to stand on stage and perform their socks off. A huge thanks for providing such wonderful resources for schools.

Maureen Andrews, Gateshead Primary School, Fife
Christmas and Nativity reviews

The Apprentice - Christmas/Nativity
The story is a cracker and I love the adaptation. It will have lots of appeal simply because it offers something different whilst retaining all of the traditional elements – a child-friendly spin on the nativity. The script and the stage directions get a thumbs-up and the music and lyrics are excellent. Songs are lively, upbeat and well sung by children. They’re also expertly recorded and arranged. It feels as though you’re in safe hands and that, yes, you could do this, even as a non-specialist, and bring mega-watt smiles to parents. The verdict - a pleasure for all.

John Dabell, Teach Primary Magazine

The Apprentice - Christmas/Nativity
When looking for a new production to use in my school there are two important elements I look for. Firstly, something that is relatively easy to prepare and a script which is original and enjoyable. The production packs produced by Edgy Productions ensure that I can pick and choose the elements to buy in order to create a personalised package for my school. They produce scripts in digital and print form, backing tracks, music scores - pretty much everything an amateur director like me requires. Thankfully they have made the performance rights, which in the past I have found to be expensive and sometimes confusing, simple and reasonably priced. It must be incredibly difficult to produce an original Nativity script but “The Apprentice” is exactly that. As someone who has sat through dozens of different Christmas shows, I enjoyed this new viewpoint of the famous story; the recount of a carpenter’s female apprentice who happened to be needed when a famous baby was born in a stable. Immediately I saw the potential of the show for KS1 children in December. A plethora of songs accompany the script, all of which perfectly suit the voices of young children. This story will inspire pupils, while giving their parents a unique Nativity to cherish.

Jo Payne, Primary blogger, @MrsPTeach

Well we've just performed Mr Humbug Sees The Light and what a marvelous play it was! The children thoroughly enjoyed ALL the rehearsals and the songs have been buzzing around school in everyone's lessons ..... a sure sign of success! Three years ago we produced ``School Daze`` which was the best play I've ever been responsible for. However, Humbug easily equals the brilliance of School Daze. Keep up the musical productions please!

Anthea Best, Halesowen

Dear Edgyproductions,

Thanks for forwarding these new plays, I will certainly be looking at them with the end of year in mind.

Last year my primary leavers performed Reach for the Sky, and loved it!
The songs were loved by the children, and the final song had us all in tears.
At christmas we did Primary School Christmas musical, and I have never seen my class so enthusiastic about singing, especially the boys!! Your songs are delightful, instantly memorable, and the lyrics are funny and meaningful.
So, thankyou for providing our school with some extremely enjoyable concerts and I'm looking forward to many more!!

A grateful P.7 teacher, Linda White