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Daisy Bond & Ian Faraday
Christmas musical for KS1 (ages 4-7) and KS2 (ages 7-11) – two versions available!
Running time approx: 45 minutes (KS1) or 60 minutes (KS2)


Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar have spent many years watching the night skies, waiting for the stars to reveal a sign of great things to come. As time goes by they have grown impatient, as well as old and grey! However, one night a brand new star appears and they begin an eventful journey which ends with the realisation that some things in life are definitely worth waiting for!


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Plot Summary

For many long years Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar, have been watching the night sky, studying the stars and waiting for them to reveal a sign of great importance. (song – Stargazing) Not knowing quite what this sign will be, or when they’ll see it, they have become rather impatient – after all, they are not as young as they used to be!

One night, however, far away in a land to the west, a young woman called Mary is visited by an angel. He tells her she will soon bear God a son – a son who will grow to be a saviour! (song – The King Of All Kings) Not longer after, the three wise men suddenly see in the sky the sign they have been waiting for! (song – A Brand New Star) As the heavens come alive with the arrival of a new star, the wise men consult the scriptures and know they must follow it to where a new king will be born. (song – Saddle Up – part 1) Meanwhile, Mary and her husband-to-be, Joseph, must also leave their home town, and travel to Bethlehem to have their names included in a new register. (song – Saddle Up – part 2) Little do they all know that their paths are soon to meet!
As the star leads them westward, the wise men arrive at the palace of the cruel and selfish King Herod. He and his wife are, as usual, throwing a lavish knees-up for their many hangers-on! (song – One Big Party) The king and queen are shocked to hear that these visitors are seeking a new baby king, and worry how His birth might affect their extravagant lifestyle! Herod cunningly asks the wise men to find the baby then tell him of His whereabouts, so he too can ‘pay his respects’. He is, however, secretly planning to kill Him! In a dream the wise men are warned by angels not to return to tell Herod where the baby is, but to go straight home once they have found Him. (song – Keep It A Secret)

Mary and Joseph have now arrived in Bethlehem. Unable to find a proper room, they must make do with a stable in which to settle down for the night, and as the new star comes to rest overhead, Jesus is born. (song – Heaven On Earth) Shepherds soon come to visit, bringing the gift of a lamb and worshipping by the manger in which He is lying. Then, just as He opens His eyes, Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar, guided by the star, arrive to greet the new king! They solemnly present the gifts they have brought, explaining the significance of each one. (song – Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh)

Heeding the words of the angels, the wise men head straight home. Although glad to be back, they reflect on the excitement of their journey following the star, and wonder what further adventures lie ahead. But until then, they relax on their sumptuous cushions and carry on doing what they do best…..stargazing! (song – Stargazing reprise)

Sample Songs

Listen below to the songs from Stargazers.


15 Speaking parts in order of appearance
*Click on the Line count/Costumes tab for more details

3 Narrators
Herod’s Wife
2 Party Guests
2 Shepherds

Ensemble Characters, if you have the numbers, for featured songs and choreography

3 Servants
3 Camels
Party Guests

What do you get?

This musical production is available for 2 different age groups – KS1 (4-7yrs) and KS2 (7-11 yrs). You will see from reading the script samples that the KS1 version is shorter and with less-complex vocabulary than the KS2 version.

It is also available to buy for in 3 different formats. When ordering, simply choose the option (details below) which best suits your requirements.

  • Option 1 – Book & Audio CD. A wire-bound book containing the full script with detailed stage directions, character information, tips and suggestions for costumes, props and scenery, and a piano score for all songs. An audio CD of all songs (backing tracks & vocal tracks) plus continuity/incidental music and sound effects where required.
  • Option 2 – CD-ROM & Audio CD. A CD-ROM containing both a PDF and an editable MS Word document of the full script, with detailed stage directions, character information, tips and suggestions for costumes, props and scenery, and a PDF of the piano score for all songs. An audio CD of all songs (backing tracks & vocal tracks) plus continuity/incidental music and sound effects where required..
  • Option 3 – Digital download. All the PDF and MS Word files from Option 2 above, all audio tracks as MP3 files, plus JPEG files of cover artwork for use in making posters or other promotional material. Upon completion of your order, a link will be automatically sent to the email address you provided, from which all the files can be downloaded.

Any order containing a digital download option must be paid for online at the point of ordering. Any order containing a digital download which is not accompanied by payment will not be processed.

UK schools can order Book & Audio CD and CD-ROM & Audio CD options with an invoice to be paid within 30 days. Non-UK schools and private individuals (not ordering on behalf of a school) are required to pay for these at the point of ordering.

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