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Reach For The Sky

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By Andrew Oxspring
All-Year-Round musical for KS2 (ages 7-11).
Running time approx: 60 minutes


With the Tokyo 2021 Olympics as a backdrop, and with the  underlying message that we should try our best in all our endeavours, this musical takes a cheeky yet celebratory look back at those sporty experiences we have at primary school. We all remember rummaging through lost property to find some kit, those over eager dads competing in the parents’ race on sports day, the frustration of trying to get a rubber swimming hat to fit, the thrill of being picked for the team….and lots more!


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Plot Summary

Following the opening song (Reach For the Sky), we join four athletes from the 2020 GB Olympics team, waiting at the airport to catch their flight to Tokyo. They discuss the upcoming games and their hopes and fears about what’s in store for them over the next few weeks. Conversation soon turns to their experiences of doing sport and PE as children. Through this conversation we witness some truly amusing snapshots of primary school life and learn that there’s more to being a winner than simply crossing the finish line first!

Firstly we encounter the glamorous Miss Burberry, who is keen to point out to her class that their interpretation of the word ‘kit’ leaves a lot to be desired! Maybe a rummage through lost-property is the answer…..or maybe not! (song – Can I Borrow Some Shorts?)

Next we join Mr Starkey who is boring his class to tears, lecturing them on the historical facts of Ancient Greece. However, following a bit of independent research, the children’s discovery of certain ‘traditions’ from the ancient Olympic games are more than enough to lighten the mood! (song – Boy, That’s Bound To Itch).

We then consider the ‘big event’ at any school sports day – the parents’ race! It quickly becomes apparent that, when grown-ups are required to push themselves to their physical limits, a keen competitive spirit may not be quite enough to overcome the effects of age! (song – My Dad’s Faster Than Your Dad).

After that it’s a trip to the swimming pool, where even those ill-fitting rubber hats, UFOs (unidentified floating objects) and water-shy lifeguards can’t spoil the excitement! (song – Swimming Today).

Then there’s the horror of lining up against the wall in the playground, waiting to be picked for one team or the other in the playtime ‘kick-about’! Who will have to suffer the humiliation of being picked last!? (song – Left Till Last).

We come to the conclusion that sport can be enjoyed on many levels, and that by simply taking part and trying our best, each one of us is a winner. By giving it our all in everything we do, by making the most of our opportunities, and by supporting those around us, there is no limit to what each of us can achieve! (song – The Best That I Can Be).


38 Speaking parts in order of appearance
*Click on the Line count/Costumes tab for more details

Note: if you have a smaller cast, because most characters only appear in one scene, multiple parts can be played by a single child. Alternatively, for extra-large cast numbers, many speaking parts have enough lines to be divided between any extra characters you want to create.

Mo, Dina, Adam & Katarinaany similarity to actual GB Olympians is purely coincidental!
Miss Burberrydressed to impress, but not to teach PE.
Her Class (7 speaking)kitted-out in all manner of ways.
Mr Starkeyhis methods are as ancient as the Greek history he teaches.
His Class (6 speaking)trying to drag him into the 21st century.
Mrs Christiein charge of making sports day run smoothly.
2 Mums & 2 Dadsreluctant competitors in the parents’ race.
Competitive Dadin it to win it.
Grandmanever too old to have a go.
2 Swimming Instructorsthrown in at the deep end.
Swimmers (6 speaking)causing a splash and making waves.
Playtime Players (4 speaking)picked for teams on everything but merit.

Ensemble Characters, if you have the numbers, for featured songs and choreography

PE-kitted Children
Classroom Kids
Sports Day Mums & Dads
Playtime Players

What do you get?

This musical production is available to buy in 3 different formats. When ordering, simply choose the option (details below) which best suits your requirements.

  • Option 1 – Book & Audio CD.
    A wire-bound book containing the full script with detailed stage directions, character information, tips and suggestions for costumes, props and scenery, and a piano score for all songs. An audio CD of all songs (backing tracks & vocal tracks) plus continuity/incidental music and sound effects where required.
  • Option 2 – CD-ROM & Audio CD.
    A CD-ROM containing both a PDF and an editable MS Word document of the full script, with detailed stage directions, character information, tips and suggestions for costumes, props and scenery, and a PDF of the piano score for all songs. An audio CD of all songs (backing tracks & vocal tracks) plus continuity/incidental music and sound effects where required.
  • Option 3 – Digital download.
    All the PDF and MS Word files from Option 2 above, all audio tracks as MP3 files, plus JPEG files of cover artwork for use in making posters or other promotional material. Upon completion of your order, a link will be automatically sent to the email address you provided, from which all the files can be downloaded.

Any order containing a digital download option must be paid for online at the point of ordering. Any order containing a digital download which is not accompanied by payment will not be processed.

UK schools can order Book & Audio CD and CD-ROM & Audio CD options with an invoice to be paid within 30 days. Non-UK schools and private individuals (not ordering on behalf of a school) are required to pay for these at the point of ordering.

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