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Lights, Camera, Action!

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By Andrew Oxspring
End-Of-Year/leavers’ musical for KS2 (ages 7-11).
Running time approx: 60 minutes


We’ve turned the events of a school week into a schedule of riveting TV programmes! Watch ‘Class Act’, a soap following the drama of a wet playtime. Join nursery-nurse, Jean Jolly, demonstrating a unique brand of classroom discipline, in ‘Little Blighters!’ See would-be singing stars trying to impress the judges for a place in the school choir, in ‘Y Bother’. Plus wacky quiz shows, documentaries and DIY challenges that all go to prove what an entertaining place school can be!


*FREE Word doc. of the script to edit yourself*

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Plot Summary

Just think about it – the events of a typical school week transformed into an evening’s worth of television programmes! What a riveting and entertaining viewing schedule it would make! Well, we’ve done it! Welcome to the first broadcast from STV (School Television), hosted by the ever-popular presenters, Ben and Amy.

Turn on, tune in and relax, as your eyes and ears are bombarded with musical televisual treats, which will give you an insight into the poignant and often hilarious world of school. Whether you’re a soap fan, a quiz show devotee, or a reality TV addict, we promise to cater for all tastes, and provide you with a memorable evening’s entertainment.
First up ‘Class Act’, a new soap opera which follows the dramatic happenings during wet playtime! Learn from expert nursery nurse, Jean Jolly, as she shares her unique brand of discipline with the under-fives, in ‘Little Blighters’. Expect more than a few barbed comments from host Dudley Nightshade as he fires those test questions, in our quiz show ‘Deadweight’. Cringe as more would-be singing stars try to impress the judges and gain a place in the school choir, in our talent show ‘Y Bother’. Join genial caretaker, Sam Handy, as he and his crew take on maintenance challenges in and around school, in ‘DIY Distress!’. Be a fly on the wall as we follow the ladies on the frontline of lunchtime law enforcement, in ‘Supervisors’. And as some of us say a final goodbye to primary school, enjoy an opportunity for some calm thought and reflection, as headteacher, Miss Conduct, leads the congregation in ‘Assembly Time’.

So, just sit back, and in the words of our signature song,
“No changing channels,
Drop that remote-control,
‘Cause it’s Lights, Camera, Action!
We’re ready to roll!”

Sample Songs

Listen below to some of the songs from Lights, Camera, Action!


53 Speaking parts
*Click on the Line count/Costumes tab for more details

Note: if you have a smaller cast, because most characters only appear in one scene, multiple parts can be played by a single child. Alternatively, for extra-large cast numbers, many speaking parts have enough lines to be divided between any extra characters you want to create.

Amy & Ben – Your hosts, providing quality continuity for the evening’s broadcast.

Appearing in the soap opera ‘Class Act’

Terry & Trish – landlord and landlady. Well, Yr6 milk and fruit monitors!
Andy, Stacey, Cassie, Gary and Sally – the morning break ‘regulars’.
The McKenzie Twins – hoodlums and racketeers.
Dirty Dan – back to clean up his patch.

Appearing in the reality show ‘Little Blighters’

Narrator/voiceover – a voice of calm.
Mrs Jenkins – reception teacher at her wits end!
Mrs Potts – her equally wits-ended assistant!
James, Ali, Daisy, Charlie, Meena and Ella – troublesome tots!
Jean Jolly – top nursery nurse and specialist in disciplining the under-fives.

Appearing in the quiz show ‘Dead Weight’

Dudley Nightshade – no-nonsense quiz master, and headteacher of the ‘old school’!
3 Contestants – what on earth have they let themselves in for?!

Appearing in the search-for-a-star show ‘Y Bother’

Declan O’Deary – suave presenter.
Simon Scowl, Sherri Versace-Porcini and Hughie Wells – respected judges.
4 wannabe singing stars – have they got what it takes to make it into the school choir?
Mother – what a pushy parent

Appearing in the makeover show ‘DIY Distress’

Sam Handy – genial school caretaker, ready for any challenge.
Chippy, Sparky, Bricky and Pipes – Sam’s skilled and eager colleagues.

Appearing in the gritty fly-on-the wall documentary ‘Supervisors’

Narrator/voiceover – another voice of calm
Betty, Doreen, Gladys, Phyllis, and Audrey – dinner supervisors tackling crime on the lunchtime frontline.
6 Wayward children – pushing their luck!

Appearing in our wind down programme, ‘Assembly Time’

Miss Conduct – softly spoken headteacher, providing a thought for the day.

What do you get?

This musical production is available to buy in 3 different formats. When ordering, simply choose the option (details below) which best suits your requirements.

  • Option 1 – Book & Audio CD.
    A wire-bound book containing the full script with detailed stage directions, character information, tips and suggestions for costumes, props and scenery, and a piano score for all songs. An audio CD of all songs (backing tracks & vocal tracks) plus continuity/incidental music and sound effects where required.
  • Option 2 – CD-ROM & Audio CD.
    A CD-ROM containing both a PDF and an editable MS Word document of the full script, with detailed stage directions, character information, tips and suggestions for costumes, props and scenery, and a PDF of the piano score for all songs. An audio CD of all songs (backing tracks & vocal tracks) plus continuity/incidental music and sound effects where required.
  • Option 3 – Digital download.
    All the PDF and MS Word files from Option 2 above, all audio tracks as MP3 files, plus JPEG files of cover artwork for use in making posters or other promotional material. Upon completion of your order, a link will be automatically sent to the email address you provided, from which all the files can be downloaded.

Any order containing a digital download option must be paid for online at the point of ordering. Any order containing a digital download which is not accompanied by payment will not be processed.

UK schools can order Book & Audio CD and CD-ROM & Audio CD options with an invoice to be paid within 30 days. Non-UK schools and private individuals (not ordering on behalf of a school) are required to pay for these at the point of ordering.

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