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By Andrew Oxspring
All-Year-Round musical for KS2 (ages 7-11).
Running time approx: 60 minutes


Set sail with Jason and his intrepid, larger-than-life crew of Argonauts on their quest to find the Golden Fleece! This nautical musical will have your audiences on the edge of their seats as our island-hopping heroes and heroines battle terrifying monsters, navigate treacherous waters and overthrow evil tyrants, whilst having a bloomin’ good time doing so!


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Plot Summary

In ‘Fleeced’, one of the best loved legends from ancient Greece has been turned into a wonderful musical production. The larger than life characters, mythical monsters, action-packed scenes, catchy songs and hilarious script are more than enough to ensure rehearsals and performances will be positive and fun-filled experiences for every adult and child involved!

As the opening song (All Aboard) finishes, we learn of King Pelias’ past evil deeds. He killed his brother Aeson and forced his nephew Jason to flee, so he could rule over Thessaly. Years later, however, Jason returns and demands the throne back from his wicked uncle. Eager to get rid of Jason again, Pelias tells him he can have the throne if he sails to far-off Colchis and brings back the legendary golden fleece. The headstrong Jason accepts the challenge and assembles a daring crew, known as the Argonauts. (song – Argonauts Are Go!)

After a short time at sea, the Argonauts are tempted ashore by the beautiful female inhabitants of the island of Lemnos,! (song – Hello Sailor) The crew enjoys an extended stay until two of them, Herakles and Atalanta, threaten to leave unless their mission is resumed. To make up for lost time Herakles organises a rowing competition (song – Pull On Your Oar) which brings them swiftly to the island of the blind king Phineus. This poor man is tormented by the dreaded Harpies, who bully him and steal his food. (song – A Real Mean Streak) After relieving Phineus of these torturous visitors, the Argonauts sail the treacherous waters between the infamous Clashing Rocks. With huge effort they make it through unscathed and head for Colchis to find the fleece.

Jason arrives at the court of King Aetes of Colchis and demands the fleece, but with a little input from the cheeky Eros, god of love, he falls in love with the king’s daughter, Medea, (song – It Feels Like Magic) and she with him. Aetes will not easily give up the fleece and asks Jason to first sow a ploughed field with seeds, to show his worth. It is, of course, a wicked trap and when the seeds yield a crop of ghoulish warriors, only Medea’s cunning enables Jason to complete the task and escape with his life. She then takes him and the Argonauts to where the fleece is guarded by a fierce dragon, whose foul, fiery breath seems impossible to get past. With yet more cunning, this sticky situation is sorted and the fleece is taken, much to the distress of Aetes who is left to deal with a very angry dragon!

Jason, Medea and the Argonauts triumphantly sail back to Thessaly to present the fleece and claim the throne, but find Pelias is not ready to honour his part of the bargain. He is, however, swiftly taken to task by the Argonauts and receives a fitting punishment. The story ends with the new king and queen being joyfully welcomed by the citizens of Thessaly. (song – Back Here On The Throne)

Sample Songs

Listen below to some of the songs from Fleeced


For larger schools, extra speaking characters can easily be added to scenes and the existing lines shared out between them.
For smaller schools, because many characters only appear in one scene, multiple parts (including non-speaking, ensemble characters) can be played by a single actors.

26 Speaking parts in order of appearance

Narrators – four speaking together, if possible, like a traditional Greek ‘chorus’
Jason– headstrong hero
Pelias– his wicked uncle

The Argonauts:
5 Women of Lemnos – beautiful and alluring
Phineus – tormented, blind and hungry
3 Harpies – his evil tormentors
A Dove – (non-speaking)
Aetes – a cunning king
Medea – his ‘faithful’ daughter
Eros – cheeky cherub of love
Dragon – fiery and foul

(Ensemble characters for featured scenes and songs)

Pelias’ entourage
More Argonauts – space and numbers permitting
Thessalian well-wishers / citizens
More women of Lemnos
Aetes’ entourage
Aetes’ ghoulish warriors

What do you get?

This musical production is available to buy in 3 different formats. When ordering, simply choose the option (details below) which best suits your requirements.

  • Option 1 – Book & Audio CD.
    A wire-bound book containing the full script (both rhyming and non-rhyming versions) with detailed stage directions, character information, tips and suggestions for costumes, props and scenery, and a piano score for all songs. An audio CD of all songs (backing tracks & vocal tracks) plus continuity/incidental music and sound effects where required.
  • Option 2 – CD-ROM & Audio CD.
    A CD-ROM containing both a PDF and an editable MS Word document of the full script (both rhyming and non-rhyming versions) with detailed stage directions, character information, tips and suggestions for costumes, props and scenery, and a PDF of the piano score for all songs. An audio CD of all songs (backing tracks & vocal tracks) plus continuity/incidental music and sound effects where required.
  • Option 3 – Digital download.
    All the PDF and MS Word files from Option 2 above, all audio tracks as MP3 files, plus JPEG files of cover artwork for use in making posters or other promotional material. Upon completion of your order, a link will be automatically sent to the email address you provided, from which all the files can be downloaded.

Please note – the digital backdrops are NOT included in the download. This is a separate product available on disc as an additional purchase.

Any order containing a digital download option must be paid for online at the point of ordering. Any order containing a digital download which is not accompanied by payment will not be processed.

UK schools can order Book & Audio CD and CD-ROM & Audio CD options with an invoice to be paid within 30 days. Non-UK schools and private individuals (not ordering on behalf of a school) are required to pay for these at the point of ordering.

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