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All-Year-Round Musicals

With themes including history, the environment, myths and legends, fairytales and modern fantasy and real-life adventures, we are confident we can provide you with a dynamic and entertaining musical that will raise the roof at any time during the school year!

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Junior plays and KS2 musical productions

We are always looking for new subjects and themes for our range of Key Stage 2 musicals and productions. Some titles provide ideal links to the KS2 History curriculum, while others are perfect for dealing with PSHE or environmental topics. Fairy tales, myths and legends also provide the subject matter for our junior musicals and are perfect for performing at any time during the school year.

Of course, not all KS2 productions need to have a curriculum focus – sometimes it’s good to perform a musical for no other reason than because it’s fun! To this end we also include entertaining fantasy adventures that provide a bit of escapism for those on stage and for those watching! With cast sizes that cater for large and small schools, and with lots of ensemble numbers as well as plenty of individual parts, putting on one of our junior musical productions will keep everyone engaged (and out of mischief!) during rehearsals and performances.