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Christmas Musicals

This selection of Christmas productions, musicals and plays for primary schools brings alive every aspect of Christmas, with memorable songs and humorous, sensitive and easy-to-use scripts. Whether celebrating togetherness, or simply enjoying the more ‘vibrant’ events of today’s seasonal festivities, these productions will make Christmas at school go with a real swing!

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Christmas plays and musical productions – something festive and fun!

For those of you who want Christmas plays, musicals and productions that deal with wider festive themes, rather than just the nativity story, we have a great selection to choose from. Most titles are aimed at KS2 (ages 7-11), but a few do have KS1 (ages 4-7) versions available. Original stories featuring familiar Christmas characters and situations, musical adaptations of seasonal fairy tales and even re-imaginations of classic literature, these Christmas productions are great fun to produce, perform and watch.

Whilst being hugely entertaining, all of our Christmas musicals have the central message that to give and share is far more fulfilling and rewarding than to have and receive. Short, optional nativity scenes feature in many of these KS2 Christmas shows, but even without including this aspect the main storylines are thought-provoking and celebratory of everything we hold dear about the season of good will!