Superb Musicals, Songs & Assemblies for Primary Schools

Dear friends,

Our joyful new, post-lockdown, Christmas musical ‘Who Took All The Loo Roll?‘ has been written in line with current guidelines on social-distancing, singing, performing and learning.

  • There are 7 independent scenes, each containing a maximum of 8 speaking characters.
  • Scenes and songs can be rehearsed separately in small groups.
  • Performance does not require any more than 8 children on stage at any one time.
  • Not all scenes and songs need to be performed to still maintain the feel and message of the musical.
  • As well as conventional backing tracks, quality vocals tracks of all songs are provided, which children can sing along to (or even mime to), so there’s no need to raise voices for lyrics to be heard.
  • If, by Christmas,, you are still not allowed an audience in your hall, our straight forward licensing allows you to record performances and create DVDs, live stream or upload to social media so everyone at home can enjoy the show!

Even in these challenging circumstances, we really believe your school Christmas musical need not be forgotten this year. We promise this one will give you all plenty to laugh and sing about!

With all our best wishes for the term ahead.

All of us here at Edgy Productions x