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Gabriel's Big Break

Gabriel's Big Break

By Daisy Bond and Ian Faraday

Nativity musical for KS1 (ages 4-7) and KS2 (ages 7-11).

Running time 40 minutes (KS1) or 50 minutes (KS2).




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Content details

(Scroll down for song samples, characters and plot summary)

When they hear that God has a list of very important jobs that need doing, all the angels are keen to be given the responsibility of carrying them out, eager to prove what they’re made of. However, unfortunate mishaps befall the two leading contenders and a young angel, Gabriel, gets his chance to shine. With so much to do to prepare for the arrival of a special baby, can Gabriel pull it off and show himself to be worthy of God’s trust?

Songs include

1. Another Busy Day

2. Achoo! Bless You

3. Listen To Me

4. Left Out In The Cold

5. See The Baby

6. Something To Tell You

7. The New King

8. Angels' Delight


Sample script KS1 (PDF)

Sample script KS2 (PDF)

Sample piano score (PDF)

Character line count / costume suggestions (PDF)


22 Speaking parts in order of appearance

4 Narrators (this number can be increased)
6 Angels
3 Shepherds
3 Wise Men

Ensemble Characters – for featured songs and choreography

Visitors to Bethlehem
Stable animals

Plot summary

With the opening song (Another Busy Day) we discover what a bustling place heaven can be and learn of the varied jobs done by the angels who work there. One particular angel, Ariel, has just been given a list of ‘extra-special’ jobs by God, in preparation for a wonderful event He has planned. Unfortunately, because of a stinking cold, Ariel is unable to fulfil her duties (song – Achoo! Bless You) so the other angels are quick to offer their services, eager to prove themselves to God. One youngster, Gabriel, longs to show what he is made of (song – Your Chance Will Come), but loses out to an older and more experienced angel, Raphael.

However, when Raphael injures a wing, Gabriel gets his big break and is given these special jobs to do. First on his list is to visit a young woman called Mary, with news of God’s plan (song – Listen To Me). She is to be the mother of God’s baby, whom she will call Jesus; a baby who will grow to be a wonderful man and bring a message of peace and love to the world. Gabriel must then talk to Mary’s husband-to-be, Joseph, and calm his worries about this unusual situation. With this job ticked-off, Gabriel must secondly command the stars in heaven to shine brightly (song/dance – Stars Shine), and tell one particular star to move across the sky and settle over Bethlehem, the town to where Mary (with Joseph) must travel to have her baby.

Being a kind angel, Gabriel decides to give the third job on his list to Ariel, who missed out on helping with God’s plan because of her recent illness. This job is to reserve a room in Bethlehem, where Joseph and Mary can stay in comfort while Jesus is born. However, her sniffles have left Ariel a bit drowsy and she forgets to make the reservation! When Mary and Joseph arrive in Bethlehem, along with many other visitors, they can find nowhere to stay (song – Left Out In The Cold) and it’s left to Gabriel to have a quiet word with a local innkeeper, who offers them a clean, warm stable for the night. With the bright star shining down upon that stable, Mary has her baby (song – See The Baby) and lays Him to sleep in a manger. Meanwhile, Gabriel’s next job is to gather together some of his angel friends and visit a group of shepherds on the hills above Bethlehem, to whom they announce the birth of Jesus (song – Something To Tell You) and give instructions to visit Him in the stable lit by the star. It is this star’s journey across the sky that leads three wise men from the east to that same stable, where they arrive with gifts for the baby (song – The New King).

So, with God’s plan completed, Gabriel has proved himself worthy of the trust shown in him. With everyone gathered together, the last job on his list is to organise a celebration, which he does in real style! (song – Angels’ Delight).

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